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Blog, Five effective ways to reach your goals in 2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Wondering how to reach your goals. Here are five ways to get you where you want to be in 2020.

Goal setting is an absolute must for business owners. However, what if you've struggled to reach your goals in the past? It's too easy to set and forget goals, meaning that you are left at the end of the month, quarter or year with regret.

You deserve to reach your goals and so, today I am going to share with you my winning formula for how to reach your goals.

How to Reach Your Goals


OK, so here's the thing, when it comes to how to reach your goals, there's nothing new here. And being specific has always been part of reaching your goals. But it's essential to discuss anyway, as it's quite possibly the number one step to achieving the goal. Conversely, it's also the step that is often not done well.

By getting laser-like specific with the goal, you will know exactly what needs to be done to achieve it. Wishy washy goals are not goals at all. They are, in fact, desires. And so, when it comes to your business (or your life for that matter), can you afford not to be 100% clear on what the goal is and how you’re going to achieve it?

The most effective way to get specific is to use the SMART goal formula. My New Year’s gift to you is a free template with this blog.


Have you ever had that niggly little voice in the back of your head say, ‘nope, you can't really do this’. Or, ‘you don't have the skills’. Or, ‘what if I fail’. Or, ‘there's already someone doing that’. That's fear and WE ALL have it.

The thing is, fear is a liar. When left unchecked, fear will go on to breed resistance and it will take over to guide your decisions and actions. So, this is how I approach fear. I notice it, acknowledge it and then talk to it (yes, out loud). Your voice is louder than fear is.

Nothing will erode your goal like fear. However when you tackle it head on, you have the opportunity to unleash your real potential. When you stand up to the negative internal narrative, you take away its strength and you take back the power. Next time you hear that fear voice, take action!

And remember, one action turns into the next and the next, thus is the power of momentum.


Getting help is always a great step toward how you can reach your goals. Consider, do you have everything you need to bring your goal to life? If not, perhaps invest time in researching a business or service that can help you.

It might be that you need to outsource some other tasks in your business so you can free up time to work towards your goal. Or perhaps you need to do an e-course to learn new skills. Or perhaps you need insight from a business consultant to help you create a strategy to reach your goal. (I can help you with that via The Business Accelerator Program.)

Don't feel you need to do it alone. Having a partner is one of the best answers to how you can reach your goals!


Are you inspired by your goal? What does your goal really mean to YOU? Chances are if your goals aren't exciting you then you won't take action. You won’t stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and you won’t dig deep to overcome the obstacles that fall in your way. Having meaning behind your goal is like adding rocket fuel to the SMART goal.

Go on. Add meaning to supercharge your goals!


I love this saying. When you adopt a philosophy of failing forward you never actually fail at all. It means that you allow yourself to make mistakes because you learn from them. When you learn from your mistakes you will be stronger, more resilient and that much more skilled.

A fear of failure will prevent you from achieving your potential and it will most certainly hold you back from reaching your goals. Setbacks in business are part of the journey. So what if things didn't go to plan the first time round? Reflect and identify what went wrong. Make the adjustment. And, most importantly, re-enter (try, try, try again).

Wear your failures like a badge of honour. Without the losses, you can't possibly have the triumphs. Without the fails you won't have the learning. The key to failing forward is to use it as leverage to move forward, rather than a hand-break that immobilises you.

You deserve to reach your goals. There is only one person who can make it happen and that's you!

May twenty twenty be your best year yet! Kristy

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