Business Accelerator

1:1 Coaching Program


You took the leap and started your business to not only make an impact and change lives with your work, but so you, too, can live life on your terms.


Whether you’re looking for flexibility to spend time with your family, travel the world while earning a great income, unlock financial freedom or escape the 9-5 hamster wheel, your business should work for you.

Tired of feeling like you're drowning in all the things? Ready to build a sustainable business?

This is where I come in. As a small business coach, mentor and consultant, I’m here to help you develop a roadmap for what success means to you. A path to navigate your next steps and scale your business, so you can create a business that works for you and your lifestyle.


ready to invest in getting personalised help for your business..


The Business Accelerator Program runs over six months and has been carefully designed to support you in your business and with your personal and professional growth. I help you to create a business that's been designed by you (not what everyone else tells you should do). There's no production line here.


Small Business Coaching, Training, Mentoring and Supporting

Our sessions are a combination of small business coaching, training, mentoring and supporting. I’ll jump into your business with you and meet you where you are at.


I use a toolkit that has been developed with over two decades of experience, within the corporate world, small business world and senior leadership.

You’re not in this alone.

Throughout this process, you'll develop complete clarity of what's next, set business goals and together we'll create strategy that works for YOU.


You'll have my ongoing support as you work through any challenges, to keep you on track and support as  you stretch beyond your comfort zone and work toward your big goals.


Importantly, you'll have complete confidence to make the right decisions for your business, eliminating noise and distractions.

Goodbye overwhelm. Hello CEO mindset.

Are you ready to turn ideas into goals and scale your business?


Your six-month Business Accelerator Coaching Program will look like this:


This first month is all about diving deep into your business, uncovering what's working, what's not, clarity of what's next, goal setting and strategic planning for the next quarter.

Let's take a look at month one:


We begin with reviewing and auditing your business. Reflection is an essential part of the process. It's important that you understand where your business is at.  The Online Business Audit, has been carefully crafted to it’s here that you have the space for introspection and to clarify your core pillars, as well as identify your unique challenges and opportunities.


Following the completion of your Business Audit, we’ll come together fo a 60-minute initial kick-off consultation via Zoom, this is a chance to get to know each other and to get on the same page about your business, your needs and your specific pain points. This is also an opportunity to dive into key insights from the audit


Upon receiving your Business Audit I get to work. I immerse myself into your business, deep diving into your specific challenges and opportunities, so that when we meet for your planning workshop I'm armed and prepared for a constructive conversation. 


Now it's time to get planning! We'll have a 90-minute 1:1 Business Development Workshop via Zoom. It's here that you and I work together to map out your overall business goal and strategic priorities for the next six months.


Following on from the workshop I’ll formulate your individualised quarterly plan on a page - this is your roadmap to see you reach your goals).


After you receive your plan, we’ll get together for a 30-minute Q&A via Zoom where you can ask any questions you might have so you can get straight into action.​


You’ll walk away from month one with clarity and confidence, and, more importantly, with tangible, practical tools to move your business forward toward your next-level goals.

Your ideas will finally be out of your head, organised and put into a clear and actionable quarterly plan.

Expect to feel both, calm and excited as you begin to dig into the work.


Throughout the next five months of the program, you will be busy implementing the plan and taking focused action towards your big business goals. You'll have dedicated 1:1 support and accountability throughout the process.


You'll be amazed at the momentum you create throughout this process.


We’ll have 60-minute fortnightly business coaching sessions via Zoom (ten in total). I will meet you where you're at in these sessions, be it giving you training and advice around a specific challenge, support with mindset, mentoring or coaching you through a specific challenge. 


All with one focus, to help you  give you immediate support around a specific challenge or opportunity that you’re facing while implementing your quarterly plan. Prior to each call you'll receive a pre-questionnaire, this questionnaire prompts you to look at your business each fortnight with a different focus and lens. It also allows each call to be relevant and outcome focused.


I'm here to help you stay focused and on track with working towards your goals and implementing your strategic plan. 


Throughout the program you'll be well supported. In between calls you will have Monday through Friday support via WhatsApp – for those quick questions that require a time sensitive response (your Business Coach in a pocket)!


You’ll have identified and overcome inefficiencies and weaknesses in your business. You'll have systemised your business, which will allow you to scale with ease. You'll have clearly defined goals as well as the necessary tools and resources to take your business to the next level. And more importantly, you'll have freed up your time so you can have balance and enjoy your life!

Being coached is the most profound experience, not just for your business, but also for you as an individual and as a leader of a small business and that experience lasts a lifetime.


Want personalised help in achieving your next level business goals?

"Kristy has been fundamental in helping me get clear with my message. Before working with Kristy, I had lots of ideas of what I wanted to achieve, but no clear path of where to begin and how to execute it. Basically, I was a bit of a mess. Kristy helped me strip everything back and get clear on who I wanted to reach, the message I wanted to send, and understanding my ‘why’. Once this was clear, she guided me to create a step-by-step action plan.


Kristy has helped me gain clarity, and continues to steer me back in the right direction whenever I go off on tangents! Without Kristy and her ’no-nonsense’ but always compassionate advice, I would still be stuck in my own head with no clear direction… Thank you, Kristy, for your continued guidance!"

Rikky So, Founder, Luma Flow Yoga and Nutrition

Empowering you to design and build a sustainable business that works for you and your lifestyle


The Business Accelerator Program is for the ambitious business owners who are ready for more (that's you!!). Perhaps you want to scale your business to the next level and you’re unsure where to start. Or maybe, you have a ton of great ideas, with no strategic plan. Or it could be that you’re struggling to stay on top of everything and you know in order to grow you need to implement better systems and processes. Maybe it's that you relate to all of the above and feel stuck and overwhelmed with no clear plan on how to move your business forward.

If you’ve read this far, chances are this program is for YOU.

You're committed to getting out of the weeds in 2021, to elevate your position within your business and focus on reaching the next level of growth

You're tired of wearing all the hats, working late into the evening and  the constant sacrifices for the sake of your business. 

You want ongoing support and accountability as you take action towards your business goals

You've got ideas for what you want your business to look like, but need help turning your ideas into goals and then into a plan

You want to dial down the noise, ditch the distractions and get focused in 2021. You want a clear plan, that's aligned to not only your business goals, but your business mission, vision and values

You're ready to work smart, create better systems, automations and processes to free up your time so you can do more of what you love and less of what you don't

You want help identifying weak links and inefficiencies in your business, as well as solutions to your challenges

You want help overcoming the underlying fears and mindset blocks that hold you back from up-levelling and taking that next big leap in your business

The Business Accelerator Program is for business owner's who want ongoing 1:1 support to up-level your business. You don't want to take a course that's based on templated strategies, instead you want to design your business from the ground up. A business that works for you both personally and professionally, that's successful AND sustainable.

Why build a business off of someone else's version of success?

You want to work with a professional business consultant and coach, that get's you, that meets you where you are at that helps you tap into your inner resources and strengths, organising your thoughts, amplifying your beliefs and helps you ultimately build a business on your terms.



"It's hard to sometimes look past the 'blinkers' and tunnel vision that can often happen when you are so ingrained within your own business, however, Kristy makes you really dive deep and get down to the basics to push you onwards and upwards."

Ashley Carlson, Sparks Makeup Artistry

An outside lens brings clarity and confidence.


AU $5,500 INCl. GST 

* payment plan available *

6 x monthly instalments of $960 (incl. GST)

I currently have availability for one new client to start in June, apply here today

You and your business are worth investing in!

Frequently asked questions

Is the Business Accelerator Program for me?

Running a small business is both rewarding - although, I understand how daunting and confusing things get when trying to trying to figure out how to take the business to the next level of growth. For many of my clients, they find the most challenging aspect of running their business, not the amazing work they do for their clients, but instead working on their business : organising all thier ideas, making a clear plan to scale and then staying accountable to taking consistent action toward achieving goals. Can you relate?
The Business Accelerator Program is for Small Business Owners who: ✔️ Are feeling overwhelmed by all the things in their business ✔️ Would like complete clarity and focus on what's next for their business ✔️ Want to create a strategic plan and support as you take action towards achieving it ✔️ Want to create effeciency to scale ✔️ Want to take back control of their business ✔️ Want accountability and support to achieve goals ✔️ Is ready to increase productivity, profit and purpose ✔️ Is ready to take the necessary action to get results! Here's a list of indistries by which some of my past and existing clients have come from: Copywriting Bookkeeping Allied Health Dietetics Clinical Nutrition Fashion Beauty Floral Design Not for profit Virtual Business Support Merchandise Yoga Coaching

I'm keen to get started, what do I do next?

Wonderful to hear! Congratulations!! To get started, please complete the application form, and I will be in touch shortly with next steps.

I've never worked with a coach or consultant before. What should I expect?

It's quite the experience having someone work 1:1 alongside you. Here's a snapshot:⁣

I help you turn ideas into meaningful business goals.⁣

I help you uncover opportunities, inefficiencies and mindset blocks.⁣

You get an external lens + perspective on your business (this is so valuable).⁣

Together we create a roadmap to scale your business. Imagine having a personalised plan (that's been written for YOUR business).⁣

I'm on your team; I help you stay on track. I help you work through the challenges (because they will happen). I help you take the right action and keep you accountable to your goals. All so you can create real change and move your business forward.⁣

You no longer need to do this alone.⁣

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! I have created a pay as you go payment option, which is broken into six monthly installments of $960 (incl. GST) Total investment on the payment plan is $5760 (incl. GST)

Who is this program not suited for?

The Busienss Accelerator Program is not suited for: ❌ New business owners - this program work's best for business owners who are just out of the start-up phase ❌ Business owners who can't invest time in implementing the plan (either themselves or outsourcing to their team) ❌ Busienss Owner's hho would rather work in a group program. This is a 1:1 coaching program ❌ Business Owner's who can't commit to ongoing fortnightly coaching calls, perhaps the Business Strategy Workshop is a better fit



I’m a business owner, small business coach, consultant and mentor with over two decades of business experience spanning state level leadership, sales, marketing and business support. I have also started and grown two small businesses of my own. 

I'm here to help you to not only scale to the next level, but to build a sustainable business, on your terms.


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There's a lot to consider. I know. 

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"Kristy is the consummate professional, but also incredibly passionate about making a difference with her skills and knowledge. All meetings we had - both over the phone and over online videoconference were very easy conversations and in communicating our needs and the importance of our national launch, Kristy just 'got' exactly what our key issues were and how to solve these easily and effectively. Her strategies cut right to the issues we needed to solve, making it easy for my team to implement. Thank you Kristy!"

Rachelle Panitz, Managing Director + Founder, So Brave