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Business Strategy Intensive

A coaching session to clarify your ideas and turn them into action!

Brisbane Business Coaching

Running a business can sometimes feel like you’re wearing all the hats, juggling all the balls and barely keeping up with all the things.

And, as a result, it can be hard to have clarity on where your ideas fit & how to put it together.


This Business Strategy Intensive is for the Business Owner who doesn't want ongoing coaching, but needs help to bring their idea to life or work through a specific challenge in their business.


A 90 minute coaching call to get support and a clear view on the next move in your business

Want expert feedback and support for your business,
without ongoing commitment?

Kristy has a unique approach to business coaching. She very much leads from a place of empowering her clients to do the work and achieve their goals on their terms. Unlike other coaches who give generic advice, she takes the time to listen and guide you in a way that's personalised and tailored to your specific needs. She provides opinions and feedback where necessary, but guides and prompts you to answer your own questions. The 90-minute coaching session is an absolute must for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. If you're looking for guidance from business processes through to mindset, Kristy is the coach for you.

What is a Business Coaching Intensive?

The Business Strategy Intensive will help you get unstuck
and develop clear next steps to move forward


You'll begin by completing an online pre intensive questionniare. This will give you an opportunity to pinpoint and clarify the challenge you wish to resolve.


You'll have 1 and half hours with Kristy on zoom. This call is 100% tailored to you and your needs, you'll have Kristy's eyes on your business, support, no nonsense approach and clear solutions to the problem you're experiencing.


You'll walk away with clarity and confidence, to take action toward your goals or moving through your challenges.

Female Business Coach

I help you organise your thoughts, create a clear path forward, so you stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward toward your goals!


Get Kristy's eyes on your business


I loved working with Kristy! As a solo business owner, I really valued the opportunity to sound out my ideas with someone who understands the stage of business I'm in. I felt like she had taken the time to look into both my business and the industry landscape, and she had some great insights that had never occurred to me. She was organised, insightful and supportive, and I now have confidence in my next steps and the actions I need to take to reach my goals. I'm looking forward to working with Kristy again as my business evolves!


When you've got an idea, but you're unsure what to do to next. 
The 90 minute business intensive is for you!


You're stuck in idea mode. You know what the end result is, but not sure how to organise your ideas into goals

You've got a challenge or you've been stuck on a specific issue and you're unsure how to move forward

You want support to clarify your goal and want help to know what action to take next

You want coaching without the commitment, you've got a few things you're rumbling with and need to get expert support to work through them

You have a block and need some help working through it

Stop spinning your wheels on your problem or idea, 
get support, clarity and a path to move forward via the Strategy Intensive!


 "Working with Kristy has been something I have wanted to do for a couple of years. The 90-Minute Business Coaching Intensive was a fantastic way to get Kristy's help at a very transitional time in my business journey. We covered some critical business areas that needed work, after which I felt inspired and understood. Kristy helped me to know what things to prioritise and how to make small yet significant changes to my business that are already making a difference. As a result, I am enjoying my days more and looking forward to the future now that I have more definitive goals to work towards. Thanks, Kristy. I am so grateful for your guidance, patience and understanding."


AU $1,900 + GST

Ready to take action?

"Thank you so much Kristy! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with you and my business has been successful enough to justify it. I only hope that will grow and we can continue to work together again.

You have been so amazing at going through my initial ideas and turn them into a set of actions I can implement. In a way I know this is what I wanted for my business, but there is NO WAY I would have achieved it without you helping me break down the steps and be accountable to get them done- so THANK YOU!"


You and your business are worth investing in!



I’m a business owner, online business coach, small business consultant, business podcast host and mentor with over two decades of business experience spanning state level leadership, marketing and corporate business support.


I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2010 and have founded and grown two small businesses (a gourmet deli + this online business). I use a proven and extensive toolkit that helps my clients achieve their desired outcome. I combine my passion and knowledge for small business, along with highly developed coaching, training and leadership skills to help YOU unlock the answers you're seeking.​

I'm the Host of the Run Your Business Like A Boss Podcast. It's here that I share plenty of tools and support to help Business Owner's in the 'messy middle'.



"Kristy is the consummate professional, but also incredibly passionate about making a difference with her skills and knowledge. All meetings we had - both over the phone and over online videoconference were very easy conversations and in communicating our needs and the importance of our national launch, Kristy just 'got' exactly what our key issues were and how to solve these easily and effectively. Her strategies cut right to the issues we needed to solve, making it easy for my team to implement. Thank you Kristy!"


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