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About Kristy Robinson, Consulting


Lover of personal development, positive psychology and personality tests, and, founder of Kristy Robinson Consulting

When not working with clients, you’ll find me living my best life with my family – the teen, the tween, fur-baby and hubby of 19 years. I’m a bookworm at heart and most mornings you’ll find my doggo and I pounding the pavement around North West Brisbane (I walk the walk: I believe in balance in life and looking after yourself as much as your business and clients).


My mission at Kristy Robinson Consulting is to help you design and scale a sustainable and profitable business that aligns to your big vision and lifestyle.

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I've been where you are..

More on that in a moment, let’s back it up a bit first…

I spent my 20s climbing the corporate ladder. I cut my teeth in direct marketing for a national education provider, before making the leap into the banking industry, where I spent seven years in business support roles, both in London and Sydney.


When I wasn’t working, I was travelling. I set myself a goal of visiting 50 countries by my 30th birthday, which I achieved just four days before the big day. Lucky number 50 was the USA. 

Fast forward a year and just before my 31st birthday I suddenly felt completely disconnected to what I was doing. My life felt like it lacked meaning and purpose. So, I decided to leave my lucrative corporate role, to run my own show.


In 2010, I launched my first business, Wild Basket. It was a gourmet providore and cafe based in Neutral Bay, Sydney. It’s shelves were stocked with boutique Australian products including wine, cheese and chocolate (all the best things in life).


Wild Basket was the culmination of years of dreaming and hard work.

Over time however, my dream became my nightmare.

Waking up at 3 am worrying about all the things.


Wild Basket was the steepest learning curve one could ever imagine. The stakes were high and I was forging my way in a world that (in those days) had very little time and resources for female founders.


From the outside it appeared I was living my best life, but on the inside I was miserable. I felt shackled to my business. I felt alone and overwhelmed. I was suffocating under the weight of it all.


And three years on, I was exhausted, I had nothing left to give. And so, I made the difficult decision to sell up and move on with my life.


I was devastated. I felt like a failure.

Moving on..


I spent the next five and a half years working for a well-known European brand. Starting out as a sales consultant, I quickly worked my way up leading large teams, eventually landing on the position of State Development Manager. It was during this time that I further expanded my business development skills, honing my coaching skills (as I was responsible for coaching team and senior business leaders), as well as, executing on tactical and strategic plans. But more than that, over these years I begun 'working on me’ – which brought a set of tools that I bring into my business every day to support Business Owner’s just like you!

‘Success is a pile of failure. You're just standing on top of it and not underneath it’.

In 2019, my family and I relocated from Sydney to Brisbane, it was time to take everything I had learned (through failure and success) to help other business owners reach for and achieve their big dreams. So, I launched Kristy Robinson Consulting.


You see, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. I’ve been in start-up mode – twice. I’ve been at the top of my game and at the bottom. I know the rollercoaster well.

The impact of what I do

Because I’ve been where you are, I get you. But more than that, I’m passionate about small business growth drivers and am strategic thinker. With years of coaching experience under my belt (both in my business and as a organisation manager / leader). I’ve got over two decades of experience and know what I am talking about. And I’ll give it to you straight.


In a nutshell, I'm here to help you get to where you want to be. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the "doing work" instead of focusing on you and your business. Hey, I get it – you're busy and exhausted. But, I also know you need to optimise your business so you can scale and grow.


Together, we will create an aligned strategy, so that your vision, overall business goal, strategic priorities line up and is underpinned by focused action. That's how you're going to get real results!

And, on a personal level. My purpose is to help Business Owner's reach their goals, to have the business AND life they desire. Which of course is derived from my own lived experiences in my first business. 

How do I work with you to get the results you’re after

I have an extensive toolkit developed through leadership roles, along with running two small businesses. I partner with you and support you with where you’re at and what you need. My ultimate goal however is to help you discover the answer. And I do this with powerful facilitation and question prompts to allow you to tap into your intuition (it’s hard for you to see the forest from the trees when you’re in the thick of it). However, where needed I also provide my insight, training and guidance. It’s all about what supports you best!

My philosophy's that you can never learn enough, and so, in 2021 I've been working towards my Professional Coaching Accreditation. Which is extremely complimentary to the skillset I have already.


If you want learn more about how I can help to build a sustainable business from the inside out, check out the work with me page.

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