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Work with me

You don't need to do this alone!
You deserve focused attention.

Kristy Robinson

Running a business can be messy work.

Needing to KNOW and DO all the things at every stage is relentless.

Not to mention how isolating and lonely it can be.

You've done a great job getting your business this far, you've battled your inner critic, you've done the hard work and grown your business from the ground up. But it's becoming increasingly more challenging to work on your business with the limited time and resources you have in place and so, you're ready to invest in getting tailored support to help you develop the framework, systems and strategy to scale your time and resources, so that your business is both profitable and you have the freedom and flexibility you initially started your business for.

I'd love to help organise your thoughts, set your goals and plan out your next quarter to help you see your goals through.

Let me support you....

6 Month Business Accelerator Coaching Program

Get ongoing professional consulting and coaching support for your business

Business Strategy Coach
Brisbane In Person Strategy Day

90 minute coaching call

A 1:1 coaching call to help you clarify your idea, move through a challenge and support to develop your next steps

"Kristy is amazing to work with. She ensures that you feel comfortable to really get to the root cause of issues that you are having with your business. I left every meeting feeling energised and with clarity as to the next steps I needed in my business. Every meeting provided me with the space I needed to concentrate on moving my business forward. Working with Kristy allowed me to start developing a sustainable side-business. Kristy is my go-to when it comes to business coaching."


Why work with me?


As a business consultant, I’m a business coach, a business mentor and your partner in scaling your business. I service clients in Brisbane and across Australia to help their business get to those big things. I can help you, too.

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