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Business Strategy Day

A 1:1 business strategy day to help you turn your ideas into a plan 

Brisbane Business Coaching

Running a business can sometimes feel like you’re wearing all the hats, juggling all the balls and barely keeping up with all the things.

I know how hard it is to work "on" your business when your busy working "in" it around the clock.


And so, I've created this business strategy workshop to help you get out of the weeds and up on to the balcony, so you can see your business with a clear view and fresh perspective.

Ready to step away from the doing and get clear on what's next for your business?

"Working with Kristy felt like going on your favourite rollercoaster at Dreamworld. It was exciting, sometimes scary but overall an amazing experience.  It was exciting to work on my business (and myself), scary to uncover perceptions and comparisons I held of myself without even realising, but overall an amazing experience to walk away with awareness of what my vision, mission and values were. To walk away with clarity and a new found drive to build a business that served ME, irrespective of what anyone else thinks or does." 


What's Included

The Business Strategy Workshop is so much more than one day



You'll begin by completing my signature online business audit (the business audit has been carefully designed to allow you to look at your business from a fresh perspective). This is a process of reflection, a chance for you understand your business strengths and weaknesses, as well as start get clear on what's next.


We will then come together for a 45 minute zoom call to discuss insights from the audit and goals for the day. 

I’ll undertake research and analysis that relates to your specific situation.  I come armed with solutions, to allow for the most productive and outcome-driven workshop.

Female Business Coach

"When you align your actions with what you want to become, you become what you want to be."

Brisbane Business Strategy Day

I design the perfect day, tailored to you and your business, however at a glance here are some of the things we will cover:

5 hours of face to face time to strategise your business (9.30 - 2.30), at a venue right here in Brisbane


Review your vision, mission and core business values


Clarify your overall business goal, set your strategic priorities + key initiatives for the next quarter


Interactive exercises and resources tailored to you and your business.


Together, we'll eat a delicious, nutritious lunch, and to keep the brain firing - plenty of tea, coffee and sparkling water will be available throughout the day​

I help you organise your thoughts, dream big and design a strategy that'll work for you and your business



You'll receive a personalised 3 month "plan on a page” (this is my signature framework, that will allow you to stay focused on taking aligned action your goals)

We'll come together for a 30 minute zoom call for any follow-up questions

And you'll have access to one week of e-mail support to cover off anything else that comes up for you.




This is a very special day that's all about you and your business. You'll walk away from the Business Strategy workshop with complete clarity of where you want to take your business and a roadmap for how you'll get there.

But more than that, this is an incredible chance to step away from the day-to-day aspect of running your business, get expert insight and facilitation. The day will be designed FOR YOU, to help you unlock solutions to your challenges. You'll walk away feeling inspired, uplifted and empowered to reach the next level in your business.

Ready to grow your business in 2022?

"My Business Strategy Day, including the before and after, has paved the way for greater clarity and progress in my business, and wellbeing in my life as a whole.


Kristy, I'm so grateful for the time we've spent together, the insights you've shared, and the outcomes we've created. Thank you!"


When you can see the destination, but you don’t know how to get there
that’s precisely why I created the 1:1 Business Strategy Day


You're committed to getting out of the weeds, to elevate your position within your business and focus on reaching the next level of growth

You're tired of working late into the evening or the constant sacrifices for the sake of your business. It's time to reclaim control of your time and your business.

You've got ideas for what you want your business to look like, but need help turning your ideas into goals and then into a plan

You want to dial down the noise, ditch the distractions and get focused in your business. You want a clear plan, that's aligned to not only your business goals, but your business mission, vision and values

You're ready to work smart, create better systems, automations and processes to free up your time so you can do more of what you love and less of what you don't

You want help identifying weak links and inefficiencies in your business, as well as solutions to your challenges

You don't need ongoing help with accountability, you simply want to create space and get support with developing the strategic plan  to reach your next level of success

The Business Strategy Workshop is for business owner's who are ready for the next level in their business, they want to understand the opportunities and want to walk away with a crystal clear solution without an ongoing commitment. The strategy workshop can be a once off or, if you prefer you can come back every six months. It gives you flexibility to get the support you need, on your terms.


As a Business Consultant I help you solve the unique problems that you’re facing in your business. Where cookie-cutter workshops or webinars won’t cut it and where free advice on the internet is simply adding to the confusion and the noise.

The 1:1 Business Strategy Workshop is what you need to move your business forward with confidence.

An opportunity to step out of your business, 
to get clarity and plan for what's next

"Thank you so much Kristy! I’m so happy I had the opportunity to work with you and my business has been successful enough to justify it. I only hope that will grow and we can continue to work together again.

You have been so amazing at going through my initial ideas and turn them into real ideas that I can implement. In a way I know this is what I wanted for my business, but there is NO WAY I would have achieved it without you helping me break down the steps and be accountable to get them done- so THANK YOU!"



AU $2,400 + GST

Two-part payment plan available

Ready to take action?

"I invested in a Business Strategy 1:1 Workshop with Kristy, with the aim of setting myself up well for business this year.


I enjoyed myself immensely because I feel like Kristy has become a true business friend who totally gets me. But importantly, I am so clear on my vision and goals for the next year, and specifically the next 90 days, which is a great way to be starting the year. The thing that separates Kristy's session from other (group) sessions I have done or books I have read on business coaching topics, is that Kristy took my words and handed them back to me as a my business plan on a page.


As someone who is time poor and also being someone who struggles to get my ideas out of my head, I can't tell you how valuable this is to me... to not have to go back and document my visions, values and goals myself. THANK YOU KRISTY!!! Let's do it again next quarter".

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You and your business are worth investing in!


Female Business Coach Brisbane

I’m a business owner, online business coach, small business consultant, business podcast host and mentor with over two decades of business experience spanning state level leadership, marketing and corporate business support.


I've also founded and grown two small businesses of my own (a gourmet deli + this online business). I use a proven and extensive toolkit that helps my clients achieve their desired outcome. I combine my passion and knowledge for small business, along with highly developed coaching, training and leadership skills to help YOU unlock the answers you're seeking.​

I'm the Host of the Run Your Business Like A Boss Podcast. It's here that I share plenty of tools and support to help Business Owner's in the 'messy middle'.



"Kristy is the consummate professional, but also incredibly passionate about making a difference with her skills and knowledge. All meetings we had - both over the phone and over online videoconference were very easy conversations and in communicating our needs and the importance of our national launch, Kristy just 'got' exactly what our key issues were and how to solve these easily and effectively. Her strategies cut right to the issues we needed to solve, making it easy for my team to implement. Thank you Kristy!"


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