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How can a Business Coach help me?

I'm sure you've heard about the benefits of business coaching and perhaps you even follow a few Business Coaches online, maybe even looked at their services.

But if you're still left scratching your head, wondering what a business coach actually does and how they will help you to grow your business.. Then, you have most definitely landed in the right place, because in this post, I break down what business coaching is (as an industry), but more specifically how hiring a Coach can help you in your business.

Firstly, what is a Business Coach?

In a nutshell, a business coach works 1:1 with the Business Owner, CEO or Founder, to help them to set and achieve their goals.

Business Coaches have different specialities, be it, Executive Coaching, Startup Coaching, Marketing Coaching, Mindset Coaching. For me, I specialise in working with Business Owners in the 'messy middle' (the growth phase of their business). More specifically navigating the growing pains that come beyond startup. And I do this with building strategies, systems and mindset. Typically in this season of business, you're overworking and coming out of that DIY phase.

It's important to find a Business Coach that not only aligns to your requirements, but that is also energetically a good fit for you. Working 1:1 with a Business Coach is an intimate process, founded first and foremost on trust.

How will a Business Coach help me?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of coaches, all working in unique ways to support you, your business and your goals.

Here are five ways I typically help my clients, although because I work 1:1 this does change from client to client:

Set clear goals and build a strategic quarterly plan

For many Business Owner's in this cycle of business, they have limited time to work ON their business and as a result they have a hard time setting goals and creating a growth plan. When we work together, we first begin with reviewing the business vision, mission and values. From there we untangle their ideas, set goals and turn them into an actionable quarterly plan.

This process brings clarity and confidence to strive towards what's next in their business, along with a roadmap on how they'll achieve it.

Systems and Processes

Systems are freedom. Having little to no systems and processes WILL hold you back from achieving your next level of growth.

For many Business Owner's in this stage, operations are manual and clunky to say the least. And the result: mistakes and missed opportunities, fear of showing up / promoting their offers because they're not confident the back end and customer experience matches the brand, not to mention they spend too much time doing tasks that can otherwise be automated or systemised.

Developing good systems and processes, not only frees up mental space and time for my clients, it also allows them to go after their ideal customers with absolute confidence.

Refining the offer

For many businesses in the messy middle, they have outdated services, together we look at the offers, ensuring they are structured in a way that not only creates impact and transformation for their clients, but is sustainable for the Business Owner.

By taking time to first review the Vision, Mission and Values of the business, we can then ensure the offers are aligned with the direction of the business moving forward. All of what we do is interlinked.

Price for profit

When starting out, many business owner's undervalue and under price their services. And so, together we look at the pricing to ensure that it is profitable for the Business Owner. It's not just what your business earns, but what you do too!

And - the unexpected benefit of raising your prices you invariably attract better aligned clients.

Upgrading your mindset

As you tackle bigger aspirations, bigger goals and bigger challenges in your business, your mindset becomes more important than ever before. Mindset is what will hold you back from taking action on your bold vision, your big dreams. And it's for this reason that mindset work is intertwined in our coaching calls. I help you uncover blindspots and move through them so that ultimately you don't get in the way of achieving your goals.

So, as you can see plenty of great benefits of having a Business Coach in your corner.

Having a coach is one of the best investments you can make in your business. We support you, keep you accountable and keep you moving forward toward achieving your goals.

You and your business are worth investing in!

If you're curious to learn more about my programs and how I can help you - visit my work with me page here.

And if you're in the messy middle and would like to know more about the five things to upgrade in the growth phase of business, check out this podcast episode, I give the complete lowdown here.

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