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Blog, Does work life balance actually exist?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020


This has been a musing of mine for well over a decade now. What is work life balance and how do I get it?

But let's start at the beginning. Does work-life balance exist?

Does Work Life Balance Exist?

The Short Answer

The short answer? Yes. Life is made up of choices and you can CHOOSE to have more marbles in the life bucket. And, equally you can choose to have more marbles in the work bucket. Either way, they both come with their own set of sacrifices and rewards.

The Long Answer

The reality is more like the long answer. For me, I know when I have things right is when I am present in both settings of my life. Now, it looks something like this.

I am in the flow at work. I have my head in the game and I feel good about the work I am producing and the pieces I am working on. Equally so, I feel good at home. I feel connected to my loved ones. I feel warmth and gratitude for the people in my life and I enjoy the time I have with them. I am right there in the moment, totally present and not thinking about work.

The thing is, that this doesn't necessarily mean that I have more time with my family or for myself. What it actually means is the time I do spend with them is quality, meaningful time. I am making memories and I am connected to the moments as they hang together.

Why It Matters?

We live in a hyper connected world where we are often think we need to be ‘on’ at all times. Now remember my short answer. Work life balance does exist, but it's about choices. You can choose to let your business consume you or you can choose to take time to unplug when you are with your loved ones.

Your choices can lead you to live a fulfilling and remarkable life. You have one shot at this gig. If you choose to let a bottomless to-do list, or never ending deadlines jeopardise those moments, then you will wake up from a career or business comma in 20 years’ time and wonder what it was you actually did these past two decades.

How to Find Your Work Life Balance

Finding your work life balance will be different for each of us. But it does existe. And you can find it. Here are some tips.


Identify rocks within your business that you WANT to focus on, then outsource the rest. Consider what areas of your business need developing that you simply don't have the capacity to develop (right now).

Think of it like this, many busy professionals hire cleaners. That doesn't mean that you don't know how to clean your home. It simply means that you are using the services of someone else while you focus on more pressing things.

Don't forget to be you!

Prioritise your relationship with yourself. Make sure you create time in your life for self-care. Do what fills your cup. Create time to nourish yourself with good food. Ensure you get enough sleep and take time to move your body. (Remember, it doesn't need to be for hours on end. 15 minutes a day is better than nothing!) We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Cherish the precious moments.

Whatever you choose, choose wisely. Lean into your business. Allow the pendulum to swing as it needs to, but never forget to cherish the precious moments. Because during those times where it can't be quantity, YOU need to make it about quality.

Does work life balance exist for you? Tell me how you make it work below.


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