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I'm taking a break from the podcast & here's why

I’ve decided to take a break from podcasting until the 4th of July. But don’t worry! I’ll still be releasing episodes weekly but they’ll be previous favourites and will give us all an insightful opportunity to reflect on our journey so far.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you why I’m taking a break from podcasting. I absolutely love this podcast and it is so important to me but as business owners, we sometimes have to make tough decisions and this was definitely one for me.

I have had experience with burn out in the past and so I now refuse to overload myself. By examining my life and finding places where I can pull back my time to recharge and find the energy and motivation needed to tackle personal and business tasks I'm ensuring I will not fall into the burnout trap again.

Don’t stress, I’ll be in your ears with new content before long and by shifting around my timetable in the short term, I’ll keep everything going the way I want across all facets of my life and business.

Keep tuning in each week for cracker past episodes and with each re-listen the message will continue to sink in and I’ll be back before you know it!

Topics We Covered:

[00:00:00] Hello, boss and welcome back to the Run Your Business Like a Boss podcast. Now, I am sure that given you've probably already seen the title of today's episode, you know what I am going to share today. I, of course, am taking a break from the podcast. Yes, this is absolutely true, but I wanted to give you some context for why I'm taking a break.

[00:00:32] And for how long? So first things first. How long am I taking off? I will be returning with new episodes on July 4th, so I think that's about seven or eight weeks. During this time, I will be replaying some cracking content. We have a lot of episodes in the back catalog, so you'll always have something to listen to every Tuesday, but it will be a past episode.

[00:00:57] So how did I come to get to this point where I'm running an unscheduled break? I've spoken a lot about this on the podcast that as modern online business owners, we must be clear on the vision that we hold for our business as well as the vision that we hold for our lives. And these two, Are not mutually exclusive for things to run well at home.

[00:01:24] My business needs to be able to support this, and there are times where everything's running really well at home and all is good and I can really dive into the business side of things, but sometimes I need to ease the load and the activities of what's happening in my business in order to be able to support my life.

[00:01:48] So that's where this whole piece of it not being mutually exclusive, because so much of one informs the other. So as I said, for me to have the energy to show up for the things that are going on, personally, I've had to examine across my life and business where I can take some of that energy and time from. I refuse to overload myself.

[00:02:14] Because I know that if I just keep motoring at a high level, I will get to burnout. And the reason why I know this is because I've experienced it a couple of times I have gotten really good over the years at figuring out how can I keep the balance long term. And as I said, this means that. You know, sometimes I can go all in and I can have these high pressure stints.

[00:02:39] I can have lots going on at home. I can have lots going on in the business and, everything is okay for the short term, but that is not a sustainable solution long term. So when something's going on that I just need to have more time for one thing or the other, I need to shift things around in order to make that happen.

[00:02:57] I've taken a step back and I've, as I said, had a look at what are the things that I can make changes for, to allow me to repurpose some of the energy back into things that are going on at home. And like you inside of my business, my priority is my clients, and I need to guard the capacity for this.

[00:03:18] I also need to honor commitments that I have inside my business. And whilst I love creating content for the podcast, I knew that if I just took a little bit of a break, I could get some of that capacity back, that I could just reassign that on the home side of things. It's not for long, but by shifting around my timetable on the short term, I could really keep things going in the way that I want them to go across all facets of my life and business.

[00:03:51] Here's the thing, it's really important for me to walk the walk. It's easy to stand up and, and, and talk about these things, but if you're not actually doing them, they don't really mean a lot. And I think part of running a successful business is making tough decisions.

[00:04:06] It's being critical about what's going on, and it's about looking at things in the big picture. That's what this is all about, right, I can see how by shifting things in the short term, it's going to give me overall long-term success. I absolutely love this podcast, and I don't want you to think that this podcast is not important because it is, but we have to make tough decisions as business owners, and the tough decision is by taking a short break that I can make everything work in the long term, you'll have amazing episodes that you can dive back into. The other thing that I wanted to mention is it's really easy to look at people on the internet and assume that everything is easy and great all the time.

[00:04:53] Now, it's true that I have built a business that is simple and that is systemized and that, really does support my life. But when things change in my life, then I have to then go back and look at, what are the other things that I need to adapt to support those things, and vice versa, of course.

[00:05:11] The truth is, is that everybody is navigating something and there are hard things going on behind the scenes that we are not privy to. So I want you to know that you're not alone in that, if that's how you feel, that you feel like things are really chaotic and difficult for you, and that you see all these other people and things look easy and simple and clear, and all of those sorts of things.

[00:05:32] Now, with the replay episodes, I want to encourage you to listen to them. Sometimes when we re-listen to content, that's when it really lands, that's when we actually take action. I've had many people say to me that they've listened to episodes 2, 3, 4 times, and every time that they listen to it, they get something different out of the episode.

[00:05:56] I offer so much value in my content and if you listen carefully, you'll hear the message that you need to hear at the time of listening to that episode. And I wanna remind you that if you do want my support throughout this time, I'm still taking limited number of 90 minute business strategy coaching intensives.

[00:06:17] I can't tell you how much value you will get from the experience of working one-to-one with me in this capacity. So if you're feeling stuck or if you're keen to tease out an idea for your business, or you want my support and eyes on your business, head down into the show notes and grab the link and apply today.

[00:06:37] Boss, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and I wanna thank you for tuning into this show. Trust me these next few weeks while I'm on hiatus, we'll zoom by before you know it. I appreciate you and as always, I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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