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BTS of my recent website and brand refresh with Sylvie Veit

On the episode today I am joined by special guest Sylvie Veit who is the owner and lead creative behind Foster Creative Co. I worked with Sylvie recently on my brand and website refresh, and in this conversation we go behind the scenes on what that process looked like for me and why I did it. I’m sharing this conversation with you, as business owners in the messy middle often think about a brand refresh but aren’t sure how to go about it.

In our conversation Sylvie shares the signs you might be ready for a brand refresh and what it can offer both personally (more time!) and professionally (attracting your ideal client and upleveling). It’s so common to DIY our branding and website however as our brand evolves, our aesthetic often doesn’t keep up.

Sylvie steps us through the process of a brand refresh and explains the different steps including the brand questionnaire, brand strategy, mood board, design concepts, roll out of collateral, style guide and website updates.

My experience working with Sylvie was seamless and has left me with a brand I am proud of and want to show off. As she puts it “you fall back in love with your brand”.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of this conversation - listening in to what my experience was like will help give you an idea if you’re ready for a brand uplevel and what to expect if you are. Going through a brand refresh in the messy middle gives you such an opportunity to leapfrog, and the confidence to go bigger, bolder and make more impact. This process opens the door to whatever's next in your business.

Boss, if you’re ready to level up in your business - jump in and get inspired.

Topics We Covered:

[1:51]: Today we’re going behind the scenes on my brand refresh. I’m excited to help our boss who’s listening for ways they can uplevel their brand strategy.

[2:43]: Starting out with a DIY brand for service-based businesses is a good way to get the ball rolling, however this differs between service-based business owners and e-commerce brands.

[3:50]: Slyvie shares signs that it’s time to uplevel your branding, and when you might consider a rebrand.

[5:14]: Effort needs to be put into brand foundations and brand strategy.

[5:42]: A branding refresh can be important as you evolve your business from working with a range of clients to a more specific, targeted client base.

[6:35]: Sylvie runs through the benefits of investing and upleveling your branding. A major standout for Sylvie is falling back in love with your brand and being really proud of it.

[7:26]: A brand can be used to change the kind of clients you attract and inspire them to action.
[8:30]: Having a strong brand, with a developed style guide ensures cohesiveness across your collateral.

[9:42]: Another common reason people invest in a rebrand is if they have a new product or suite of services that they need to tie together.

[10:53]: Unless you come from a design background, or have an understanding of branding strategy, it can be very difficult to DIY successfully. Brand architecture requires a specific skill set.

[11:32]: I already understood my brand story, messaging and ideal client, so my goal in rebranding was focused on elevating and maturing my brand.

[12:21]: Slyvie steps us through her process when undertaking a brand refresh. Syvie explains it moves from a brand questionnaire, brand strategy, mood board, design concepts through to a roll out of collateral and style guide.

[14:11]: What it felt like to start using my new brand and how the style guide took away the overwhelm.

[15:31]: Sylvie concentrates on ensuring that the process is user-friendly and easy to use and navigate, which makes the brand refresh a breeze.

[16:46]: How a website refresh is rolled out - it was game changing! Sylvie helped with structural changes that have made life simpler, as well as some SEO aspects.

[18:30]: Wix is flexible but the number of options available to you can make it overwhelming. [19:52]: Knowing I was working with just one person, made the whole process so much easier, and meant the website married up with the style guide really beautifully.

[21:09]: Sylie runs through the kinds of businesses that she works with - small businesses, e-commerce, service-based businesses, with a passion for ‘do good’ businesses.

[22:17]: If you don’t feel aligned with your branding, then that’s a good sign to think about a brand refresh.

[22:45]: Going through a brand refresh at this point, in the messy middle, gives you such an opportunity to leap frog again, and the confidence to go bigger, bolder and make more impact.

[23:13]: A brand refresh can either bring you business up to meet you where you are, or get you to the next stage.

[23:37]: Sylvie shares where to find her online.

[24:06]: I hope this conversation has given you an overview of what the process looks like as well as food for thought when it comes to your own brand and visuals.

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