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How to Create an Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA)

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is believing their product or service is for everyone. This is simply not possible. And the truth is, if you speak to everyone, you will ultimately be heard by no-one. It just won't hit the spot for the person you would ideally like to serve in your business – or your ideal customer avatar.

How to Create an Ideal Customer Avatar

How do you know if you haven't quite got clear on who your ideal client is?

Do you struggle to attract your ideal or dream client to your business?

Do you find it hard to create new products or services because you're unsure if anyone will buy it?

Is it a challenge to create content for your social channels or your website?

Is it difficult to write copy for your website?

Can you clearly describe who your ideal client is, their problem and how you help solve their challenges?

You see, when you're clear on who your ideal client avatar is, everything begins to fall into place. You will design products and services just for this person (and with ease). Your content marketing cuts through all the noise and will speak directly to their challenges or problems. And they will find themselves wanting to buy what you have to offer, because they know it will solve their problems and is perfectly suited to them.

And from your perspective things are more aligned. You’re working with your dream clients.

But how do you create an ideal customer avatar profile?

OK, so you know you need an ideal customer avatar, but how do you create one?

Creating an ideal customer profile can seem scary at first, overwhelming even. However, it's one of the most important processes a small business owner must undertake. In fact it's one of the first things I do with my clients.

In today's YouTube episode I step you through my process for creating an ideal customer avatar. Have a watch and don't forget to grab your free Ideal Customer Worksheet here.

About Kristy:

Kristy Robinson is a Brisbane-based small business coach. She works with business owners to scale their business to the next level. Subscribe to her channel or follow her on Instagram for more tips on how to scale your business to the next level.

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