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How to get started guest speaking with Suz Chadwick

Have you wanted to become known and sought after for your expertise in your industry?

My guest today is none other than, Suz Chadwick, bold branding and small business coach. Within her business, Suz runs the ‘Bold Speakers Collective’ where you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a sought-after speaker in your industry and become booked out with speaking engagements.

In this episode, Suz helps us explore how to get started with guest speaking and gain the confidence to step into a whole new way of sharing our expertise. Through speaking gigs you can grow your audience, attract new clients, build a personal brand, develop thought leadership, increase revenue and become known in your industry.

When you speak publicly, you create a deeper emotional connection with your audience - fast tracking Know, Like, Trust. And, this is something you can start today!!  You don't need to pitch for speaking gigs right off the bat, you can begin by creating your own opportunities. All of which Suz is going to share in detail, right here in this episode!

Suz shares her top tips for building 'speaker' confidence and gives us an actionable roadmap of steps you can start taking today. Don’t worry, you won’t be thrown onto a stage in front of hundreds! Suz encourages us to make small decisions faster and begin with doable steps to start our speaking journey.

You’re going to love this conversation. Your cup will be filled with Suz’s motivation and you’ll walk away with a clear plan to get started speaking in your business today.

Topics We Covered:

[2:35]: Suz started debating at 16 and loved the excitement of speaking in front of a crowd. When she was working in corporate she loved speaking at any opportunity.

[4:08]: Suz ran a brand agency before starting her speaking business. She was running mini-workshops on becoming a confident speaker and they were very well received. She ran her own events and would speak at each one.

[5:16]: Speak yourself first and then other people will invite you to come and speak because they’ve heard you. Suz created her own opportunities.

[6:53]: Every person you see killing it, has lots of other problems going on in the background.

[9:20]: Suz shares the benefits of speaking and sharing your expertise with others in your business: grow your audience, get new clients, build a personal brand, develop thought leadership, increase revenue and become known in your industry.

[10:16]: When you speak you are forced to think differently and come up with new ways of talking about what you do and dive deeper into your message.

[12:37]: When you speak you create a deeper emotional connection with your audience over an Instagram story. If you want to really understand something - teach it.

[14:11]: Magnetism is the desire to stay in the same realm of someone you’re drawn to. If you can hone your speaking, people will be drawn to you.

[16:31]: If you’re on the shyer side of speaking in front of people, Suz recommends starting with stories and 15 seconds of connecting with your audience. Then moving to a live video with a friend. The more people that you speak to the better and more confident you’ll become.

[19:30]: Even if it’s only with one person, start telling your story and sharing your message and ask for honest feedback.

[21:57]: There’ll be people in the audience who are cats and dogs. Dogs are obviously listening and following along and cats are deadpanned but Suz says that more often than not, it’s the cats that come up and say how much the message resonated with them at the end.

[23:48]: Suz shares the two biggest business lessons that she has learned. #1 Breakthrough circles: Make small decisions faster. #2 Thought management. Suz commits to intentional thought creation by sitting down and writing what she wants her thoughts to be.

[28:17]: Try to reduce the comparison in your world.

[28:48]: Where to find Suz.

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