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Deliver an exceptional client experience with Hannah Nieves

We hear so much about sales and lead acquisition in the online space but a topic that often doesn’t make it into the conversation is the importance of the client experience.

My guest today is Hannah Nieves, a marketing and business growth expert based out of New York. She supports high-powered entrepreneurs to build iconic brands through her signature trio of marketing, branding and PR. We talk today about providing an exceptional client experience and how this also feeds into your marketing, business strategy and PR.

In this episode, Hannah and I discuss the hidden cost of not investing your time and energy into understanding your client experience. We talk about the power of human to human connection, supporting your client in genuine ways, and how you can still offer a premium service using automation.

Hannah talks about what she calls ‘sensory branding’ and how she looks at the entire customer to create an exceptional experience for her clients. She shares her insights into ways to improve the customer experience by taking every opportunity to gain feedback, particularly at the midpoint and post offboarding points of their journey.

If you feel like you haven’t quite got your customer experience nailed, this is the episode for you. Check it out.

Topics We Covered:

[2:30]: Mindset has been the biggest factor for Hannah in scaling her business.

[3:40]: Hannah invested in a coach to really dive into personal development and work on her mindset.

[5:15]: We hear a lot about lead acquisition. Hannah talks about how the client experience is a huge part of your brand, retaining clients and gaining referrals.

[6:45]: If you don’t invest the time in understanding the touchpoints your client goes through, it can result in clients not being happy or worse, getting upset and telling other people.

[8:00]: Hannah thinks about her client experience like sensory branding, looking at the entire customer and using a combination of personal and automated contact.

[9:45]: Human to human connection isn’t written into the client experience so it’s about being there to support your clients in genuine ways.

[10:50]: A great client experience comes with understanding your target demographic. The two key areas you could improve are the midway and post offboarding points. Get regular feedback so you can uphold the standard.

[12:30]: Hannah collects feedback from her clients via forms, emails or surveys at the midway point and at the end of the container.

[13:05]: Service delivery in general is key. A lot of people think they can’t have a premium brand with everything automated but you can still offer an exceptional experience this way.

[15:05]: People are looking for a personal connection. Hannah makes sure her whole team knows about where each client is at so they can be of service.

[15:45]:  Leverage your core values and incorporate them into your PR. These should be embodied throughout your brand.

[17:30]: Don’t overthink the client experience. Customise it to you and your brand.

[18:40]: Where to find Hannah

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About your host, Kristy

Hi, I'm Kristy, thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like a Boss Podcast. My purpose for the podcast is to help Business Owner’s in the growth stage of business (messy middle) have a sustainable business, they love.


I’m an online business coach, based in Brisbane, Australia. I provide 1:1 business coaching, to Service Based Online Business Owner's and a group coaching program commencing in 2022. I believe whole heartedly that having a Business Coach is what gives you the competitive edge. As your coach I support you to overcome challenges quickly, uncover blindspots and make business decisions with confidence and clarity. All of which keeps you moving forward and maintaining momentum. 

As your Business Coach, my role is to help you organise and formulate your ideas, turn them into a goal and then into an actionable plan! All while meeting you where you're at and providing you relevant tools and support along the way.


Thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like A Boss podcast!

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