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Get listed on page 1 of google. SEO strategy with Kristen Lowrey

Does SEO confuse and terrify you?

Are you reading post after post trying to understand SEO and you're still confused?

This episode is for you! I’m chatting with the amazing and all-knowing SEO oracle Kristen Lowrey. Kristen is an expert SEO copywriter and strategist based in Brisbane, Australia.

SEO is the only organic strategy to reach people without paid marketing. Google loves to share websites and businesses that are amazing at what they do. Through an effective SEO strategy, Google will list these websites at the top of their ranking. Everyone trusts the almighty Google!

Kristen helped me get to page one for my own keyword search! She describes exactly how SEO works for your business and provides an absolutely amazing list of her top 3 tips to DIY and improve your SEO immediately.

80% of people are researching online before they make any out-of-the-ordinary purchases. It is absolutely vital that you have a presence and show up in their searches. A very effective SEO strategy results in increased warm leads, clients and revenue.

By outsourcing your SEO and copywriting to a freelancer like Kristen, you’ll find your sales soaring while having much more time to focus on the other aspects of your business. I highly recommend Kristen and am very grateful to have her on the show today to share with you her experience and expertise.

Topics We Covered:

[1:43]: Kristen used to be a wall street lawyer in America. She shares how she transitioned from being a lawyer to an SEO copywriter and strategist in Brisbane.

[3:45]: Kristen has been instrumental in my SEO strategy and success.

[4:16]: SEO is the only organic way to reach people and show Google that you’re great at what you do. Google then tells everybody else by putting you at the top of the ranking. Everyone trusts Google.

[6:04]: Kristen describes SEO as going through your website and highlighting it with a Google highlighter.

[7:36]: Everyone needs to find longtail keywords that are directly targeted to their business, eg. ‘white leather sneakers’. Every person that finds you through this keyword is relevant for your services and is already a warm lead.

[9:20]: 80% of people are looking online before they are making any out-of-the-ordinary purchases. It’s vital that you have a presence and show up in the search.

[10:04]: The top 5 results of a Google search page are all ads, but only 2 out of 10 people will click on the ads. People know that these spots are paid for and not listed organically.

[11:10]: Kristen shares 3 tips for a DIY approach to SEO. #1 Do keyword research.

[12:41]: #2 Once you’ve found your keywords, look at your copy on your website and start implementing the keywords.

[13:32]: #3 Go into the backend of your platform and look at the SEO tools specific to your platform.

[15:48]: Kristen talks about why you should outsource your SEO to a strategist. When you grow and scale your business, you need to pick the things that are too time-consuming to outsource.

[17:44]: Kristen was the first person I met when I moved to Brisbane. I attended her SEO workshop in 2019 and understand the enormous amount of time she has invested in her skillset.

[18:42]: There are things that we’re good at and things we aren’t. When you find what you’re good at, focus on that and leave everything else up to the experts.

[19:08]: Outsourcing your SEO to a freelancer or a digital agency both have benefits.

[21:17]: Kristen recommends that as soon as you start getting business start outsourcing the things that aren’t within your expertise. You can be funneling your time into helping your clients instead of admin tasks that are time-consuming.

[23:38]: Where to find Kristen.

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About your host, Kristy

Hi, I'm Kristy, thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like a Boss Podcast. My purpose for the podcast is to help Business Owner’s in the growth stage of business (messy middle) have a sustainable business, they love.


I’m an online business coach, based in Brisbane, Australia. I provide 1:1 business coaching, to Service Based Online Business Owner's and a group coaching program commencing in 2022. I believe whole heartedly that having a Business Coach is what gives you the competitive edge. As your coach I support you to overcome challenges quickly, uncover blindspots and make business decisions with confidence and clarity. All of which keeps you moving forward and maintaining momentum. 

As your Business Coach, my role is to help you organise and formulate your ideas, turn them into a goal and then into an actionable plan! All while meeting you where you're at and providing you relevant tools and support along the way.


Thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like A Boss podcast!

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