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The only metric for success, is the one you set for yourself

Have you got a bad case of comparisonitis?

Do you get discouraged as you scroll, feeling like you’re way behind and not reaching the goals you should be in your business?

You’re not alone in feeling like this because it’s something we all struggle with at times. In this episode, I share 5 simple tools to help you through those crippling moments and bring you back to base.

I talk about staying present in today and not being too future focussed, setting clear goals and really honing in on your vision, mission and values. I go into what it looks like to reframe negative self-talk and the importance of being mindful when comparison creeps in.

There will always be someone ahead of you, and that’s okay because success is not a one size fits all.

You get to decide YOUR version of success.

What are YOU setting out to achieve?

Imagine yourself taking aligned action toward YOUR goals, staying in your lane, and not getting sideswiped by what someone else is achieving.

How much more confident would you feel?

Topics We Covered:

[3:25]: #1: Get clear on your vision, mission and values. This helps you make strategic decisions, take action and create an impact according to what you want.

[4:25]: #2: Set really clear business goals. This prevents you from looking to the left and right.

[5:20]: #3: Be present in today. Keep focused on the work you need to do that will drive future results. Journaling is really helpful for this.

[6:30]: Happiness comes from the day to day process.

[6:50]: #4: Reframe negative self talk. Write down what is actually happening to minimise the negative self beliefs.

[8:00]: #5: Avoid comparison at all costs. Be mindful when it creeps in because everyone deserves to have their own version of success.

[9:45]: Recap

[10:25]: What would you life look if you took these things and put them into practise.

[11:45]: Check out The Plan with Purpose Workbook

[12:30]: Listener shout out to Jo at Hola Creative

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About your host, Kristy

Hi, I'm Kristy, thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like a Boss Podcast. My purpose for the podcast is to help Business Owner’s in the growth stage of business (messy middle) have a sustainable business, they love.


I’m an online business coach, based in Brisbane, Australia. I provide 1:1 business coaching, to Service Based Online Business Owner's and a group coaching program commencing in 2022. I believe whole heartedly that having a Business Coach is what gives you the competitive edge. As your coach I support you to overcome challenges quickly, uncover blindspots and make business decisions with confidence and clarity. All of which keeps you moving forward and maintaining momentum. 

As your Business Coach, my role is to help you organise and formulate your ideas, turn them into a goal and then into an actionable plan! All while meeting you where you're at and providing you relevant tools and support along the way.


Thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like A Boss podcast!

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