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4 key indicators it's time to upgrade the systems in your business

Talking about business systems and processes might not sound fun or glamorous but they are the very things that will keep your business running successfully well into the future. You can have the most beautiful brand and amazing marketing but if your systems and processes aren’t able to support them, your business will suffer the consequences.

So how do you know if your systems and processes need to be reviewed?

In this episode, I discuss 4 possible indicators that it’s time to take a look under the hood. I share some questions to ask yourself to help you identify where your systems might be letting you down and why updating them will promote growth, free up time and allow more space for creativity.

Does the idea of hiring somebody cause you a lot of stress?

Do you feel like your service delivery doesn’t really reflect your brand?

Are you making mistakes and missing important things?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you need to re-look at your systems and processes. The great thing is, when you identify where the shortfalls are, you can fix them.

Think about the impact you could make if your systems weren’t letting you down.

What are the long term costs if you don’t do anything about it?

Topics We Covered:

[2:00]: Systems and processes are a big contributing factor for your business being a long term success.

How to know if your systems need work:

[3:00]: #1: You can’t build a team. You know you need help but the idea of someone coming into your business causes you stress.

[4:40]: You want systems in your business that are replicable to ensure nothing gets missed

[5:15]: #2: You’re self sabotaging. Deep down you know your service delivery doesn’t reflect your brand and you’re not confident that your clients are getting the best out of their investment.

[6:30]: If your systems are letting you down, it can result in poor confidence. You might stop yourself from attracting your dream client, resist increasing your prices or do anything to grow your business because your systems can’t support it.

[7:45]: Imagine if you had systems in place to support you. Would you self sabotage in the way you currently are?

[8:30]: #3: You make mistakes and miss important things. There’s a difference between productivity and being effective.

[10:50]: #4: You’re repeating the same tasks over and over again. It’s unsustainable to be stuck doing tasks that are outside your zone of genius

[12:00]: Your time and energy are your greatest resources. How much time are you spending on repeatable tasks each week?

[12:30]: Recap of the 4 indicators that you need to update your systems and processes

[13:00]: Knowing that things are in order allows for creative and mental freedom

[14:40]: Check out my Top 10 tools to transform your business

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About your host, Kristy

Hi, I'm Kristy, thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like a Boss Podcast. My purpose for the podcast is to help Business Owner’s in the growth stage of business (messy middle) have a sustainable business, they love.


I’m an online business coach, based in Brisbane, Australia. I provide 1:1 business coaching, to Service Based Online Business Owner's and a group coaching program commencing in 2022. I believe whole heartedly that having a Business Coach is what gives you the competitive edge. As your coach I support you to overcome challenges quickly, uncover blindspots and make business decisions with confidence and clarity. All of which keeps you moving forward and maintaining momentum. 

As your Business Coach, my role is to help you organise and formulate your ideas, turn them into a goal and then into an actionable plan! All while meeting you where you're at and providing you relevant tools and support along the way.


Thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like A Boss podcast!

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