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Need support in your business - 3 ways to build your online team

Is your business growing to the point where you are forever chasing your tail to meet the demands of your endless to do list?

Are you borrowing time from sleep just to get everything done?

If that’s you, it’s likely time for you to get some help. Knowing how and where to find the right type of support can be a daunting task for business owners so in this episode, I unpack 3 types of support that are available to you so you can find what works best for you and your business.

I talk about outsourcing and the numerous types of work that can be outsourced, both for ongoing and short term project work. I discuss hiring a subcontractor and how this can be really helpful to accommodate the growing needs of your business and enable you to sit within your zone of genius. I also talk about hiring an employee and explain some of the intricacies involved in this option.

If you’re at the point where you need some help in your business, it’s a cause for celebration because it means that your business is growing. I hope this episode empowers you to make a decision that’s right for you and your business.

Topics We Covered:

[0:40]: There comes a point in your business where you need support. This can provoke an emotional response for some and it can be tricky to know how to go about it.

[2:15]: #1 Outsourcing. For example, you can outsource ongoing support for bookkeeping, social media and hire a VA who understands your business

[5:00]: Once off project support. For example; copywriting, a tech VA or website developer. This is less about the client side and more about the operational side of your business.

[6:50]: #2 Hiring a subcontractor to accommodate the growing needs of your business and enable you to sit within your zone of genius

[8:30]: #3 PAYG. Bringing in an employee to support you inside your business, which comes with more complexities due to legal requirements and obligations.

[10:10]: Recap

[10:25]: Getting human support can be daunting. Start small with one hire at a time and grow from there.

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About your host, Kristy

Hi, I'm Kristy, thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like a Boss Podcast. My purpose for the podcast is to help Business Owner’s in the growth stage of business (messy middle) have a sustainable business, they love.


I’m an online business coach, based in Brisbane, Australia. I provide 1:1 business coaching, to Service Based Online Business Owner's and a group coaching program commencing in 2022. I believe whole heartedly that having a Business Coach is what gives you the competitive edge. As your coach I support you to overcome challenges quickly, uncover blindspots and make business decisions with confidence and clarity. All of which keeps you moving forward and maintaining momentum. 

As your Business Coach, my role is to help you organise and formulate your ideas, turn them into a goal and then into an actionable plan! All while meeting you where you're at and providing you relevant tools and support along the way.


Thank you for tuning in to the Run Your Business Like A Boss podcast!

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