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90 Minute Business Intensive
Coaching Session


Want my help, but don't require a full business strategy day

or ongoing coaching?

Perhaps you have a specific challenge or block in your

business you need support resolving.

Or, maybe it's that you keep spinning in circles on a

specific area of your business and need expert insight.

Book your intensive

This 1:1 Business intensive is an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with a Small Business Expert (me!) You will receive tailored and immediate coaching and support on a specific challenge or opportunity in your business. Unlike a group workshop, the 1:1 nature means that we’ll be focused entirely on you,  your business, your challenge or opportunity and on the immediate solution you need.


Going it alone can be tough. As a Business Owner, you're busy looking after your clients, your business (all the things). But who is helping you? It's because of this, you get held up in your thoughts and feelings. Often staying stuck on your challenge and unable to take action towards your goal. 


This intensive is your opportunity to have my eyes on your business. I help you organise your thoughts, untangle your challenge and identify your action steps.


You'll walk away from the intensive with clarity, confidence and a clear view of what's next. 



This Intensive is tailored to you, your business and your needs, but here's some suggestions (although not limited to) of what we could cover:

  • Overcome a specific challenge in your business, let me coach you through your block

  • Review your systems and processes

  • How to manage your time and energy

  • Review your offer and service delivery

  • Up level your ideal client avatar

  • Mindset blocks

  • Unpack ideas for new offers and revenue streams

  • Review how you manage your time

  • Price review

  • Support and strategies to better enforce your boundaries

  • Set up a schedule that works for your business and your lifestyle

  • Be coached on your business ideas to determine if it is the right move for you

  • Expert insight and feedback on your business

  • Mindset coaching around a specific block in your business

  • Been procrastinating and unable to make a specific decision, bring it to the intensive and let coach you through it so you can move forward


You'll complete an online pre intensive questionnaire, which will help you pinpoint and clarify the challenge you wish to resolve. 


You'll have 1 and half hours with Kristy on zoom. This call is 100% tailored to you and your needs, you'll have Kristy's eyes on your business, support, no nonsense approach and clear solutions to the problem you're experiencing.


You'll walk away with clarity and confidence, along with a clear set of actions to move your business forward.


Business Owner's with unique problems.

Are you stuck on something in your business? I can help you solve the unique problem you’re facing in your business. Where workshops or webinars won’t cut it, or when the online content and ‘freebies’ are just adding to the confusion and the noise, the 90 minute Business Intensive is just what you need. I give you the support and the solutions needed to tackle your challenges and move your business forward. 

The 90 Minute Business Intensive is for Business Owner's who want to walk away with a crystal clear solution and set of actions to implement (without an ongoing commitment). You won't want to miss this limited time Black Friday offer. Book your intensive by 5pm AEST, 21 June (unless spots filled prior). 

Book your intensive

Is it time to get the help you need to
move your business forward?


Investment: AU $700 + GST

Limited Time Offer

Want in?

Offer Ends Tuesday 21 June

Intensive to be booked between now and July 30



I’m a two times Business Founder, Small Business Consultant, Coach and Podcast Host, with over two decades of business experience (spanning state level leadership, sales, marketing and business support).

With years of leadership and coaching experience, I have an extensive toolkit to draw on, which is what helps my clients get results.


My mission is to help you design and scale a sustainable and profitable business that aligns to your vision and lifestyle.



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