Episode 10

5 steps for creating better boundaries in your business

Is your business spilling over into your personal life?


Are you constantly overscheduled?


Do you have clients asking for more than what you can deliver and wanting it done yesterday?


If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take a look at your boundaries.


Boundaries are an essential part of running a sustainable business. In this episode, I share 5 simple strategies to help you develop and enforce your boundaries so that you can have the stamina to build your business long into the future.


I discuss:

  • Being clear on your Ts & Cs and communicating them clearly with your clients

  • Making sure you’re working with your ideal clients

  • Respecting yourself enough to block out time for rest and say “no”


The thing to remember is that setting and maintaining boundaries is not only being kind to you but will also benefit your clients, your loved ones, and your business.

How much more impact could you make if you had better boundaries?


Topics We Covered:

[1:30]: Signs that boundaries are being overstepped in your business and why they are an essential part of running a sustainable business. 

[2:50]: #1: Rock solid terms and conditions and processes. Get really clear on these and make them part of your onboarding process.

[3:45]: #2: Sign up aligned clients. Often the people overstepping the boundary are not your ideal client.


[4:45]: #3: Clear is kind. Similar to parenting, you need to explain the rules and enforce them. 

[5:45]: #4: Block time out for you. Create boundaries for yourself to rest and do things that fill up your cup. 

[6:58]: #5: Say no. Owning your “yes” and “no” is compassion for others and yourself and will give you the stamina to take your business into the future. 

[8:00]: Recap

[8:45]: Learn from bigger business to contextualise what’s happening with overstepped boundaries. They have set opening times, prices and products. 

[9:55]: Everyone benefits from you establishing stronger boundaries.

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