I'm Kristy, a Brisbane-based business Business Coach / Business Consultant and partner to small business owners (you). I help you to scale and build a sustainable business through strategy and systems.


Because you deserve a thriving business and to live a life on your terms.

Ekta Agarwal, Founder - Great Creates

First things first... Are you exhausted from working with misaligned clients?

Perhaps it's time to reconsider WHO your dream client actually is. 

As your business grows, you may find your ideal client too has changed. You see, in the beginning you may have worked with anyone who was willing to buy what you have to sell. Completely normal by the way. However, as you become busier you've probably discovered exactly who you would prefer to work with, the client who gets results from the work you do. The client's who has the exact problem you wish to solve. The client you fuels you, instead of draining you.

Download this free Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet to get started today!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed

by your business?

You started your business so that you can do what you love AND have the freedom to live life on your terms.


But what happens when you can no longer fit it all in?
Because these days, all you seem to be doing is working and treading water.


That wasn't the plan!


Whilst having too many clients may seem like a good problem to have, it's still a very real challenge. As your business nears capacity it can result in mistakes and overwhelm. Things begin to slip (both, in your business and in your personal life).  

Who needs sleep anyway huh? 

Wrong, burnout is on the horizon.. A change must be made.


It's time to ditch inefficiencies and instead, create a strategy to systemise your business (with technology and team). Without these your business will remain reliant on you and you'll be caught trading dollars for time, forever more. 

It's time to step into a bigger role as the leader of your business.

Why work with a business consultant?

When we work together, you not only get the right tools and support, but through the process we will uncover mindset and blind spots holding you back. The result? You'll have the roadmap AND the confidence to scale your business.

As a business consultant, I work with clients both locally in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Let me help you design and build a sustainable business you love.


"Kristy was amazing in that she made the effort to understand me and my business, somehow in the process got me to identify and find solutions to the barriers I was experiencing".

Acknowledgement of country

I would like to acknowledge the First Nations and Traditional Owners of the land in which I work and live of Killindarbin. 

I pay respects to the people of the Turrbal nation, Elders past and present. I celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.

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