Are you ready for the next version of success in your business.

Will 2022 be your best year yet?

When you started your business, did you dream of working with amazing clients, doing work you love AND have the freedom to 'do' life on your terms?

How has that worked out for you?

Many Business Owner's find themselves replacing ONE boss with juggling multiple bosses (and when I say juggle, I mean JUGGLE). I'll paint the scene (although I know you know it well), your phone pings at you around the clock, you feel always that bit behind schedule, you're constantly dialled in and can never quite switch off, your clients don't fully understand your true worth, nor the value you provide and you feel "on edge" (perhaps even high functioning anxiety) most days. You snap at those you love most and avoiding everyone else - because who actually has time to meet friends (outside this biz world that is).

Heavy right?

We've all been here, but the good news, you now know what works and importantly what doesn't.  And, for that reason, you're at the perfect juncture to redesign your business so that it now work for you.

Which is why I invite you to the Up level Your Business Workshop. A day away from the doing, to clean up and redesign your business model, so that:

A/ You avoid burnout

B/ Your business is not only profitable, but sustainable too

C/ You prepare for your best year yet

We will come together at the stunning Calile Hotel. Where I will facilitate and guide you through the key components to up level your business:

Clarify your strengths:

We will lay the foundations by looking at what makes YOU and your business so special. This process will allow you to shed some skin, to hold up a mirror so that you not only you understand your worth, but you can articulate it to others.


Through clarifying your Unique Value Proposition you will step into bigger shoes, allowing you to finally see the true impact you create and fully own what makes YOU and your business unique

When you you clarify your Unique Value Proposition, it's as if the fog lifts and you can finally see clearly the true impact you create for your clients and fully own and step into what makes you and your business so valuable.


Being crystal clear on your strengths and owning your worth, what could be made possible? 

- Charging your worth


Define your next level dream clients: 

Now that you know what makes you so great! You will now be ready to define WHO you are going to serve moving forward. I will guide you through selecting a niche that 


We will define your next level dream clients (instead of what you're doing now) 


2022 is the year that you attract and work with aligned clients, that have the exact problem YOU solve, need the exact transformation YOU provide. Clients that value you and the work you produce. Clients that refer you on and repeatedly return to work with you. Clients YOU love to work with!

So you can... xxxx

Overhaul your offer:


so you are working in your zone of genius and creating the impact you wish to create (instead of doing the work you don't love, that makes you snappy)

Your offer is more than just what you do for your clients, but also how you do it. When I mean overhaul your offer, I mean look at not only the problem you solve and transformation you make, but how  you deliver your services so that your client reaches their desired outcome and it's delivered in such a way that supports you the business owner.

By the end of this module you’ll know how to put together the next version of offers for your business. Services that are aligned to your strengths, purpose, skills, values and virtues. That solves your ICA’s problem and helps them get to their desired outcome. Your offers will be relevant, referrable and recure-able. No more settling, doing work that drains you. This is about sitting in your zone of genius and creating a real impact for your clients

But here's some truths for you, whilst this type of business model works for start ups, it doesn't have longevity. WHY? It's not sustainable. But let me be brutally honest with you, it's more than that... If you continue this trajectory, burnout is not just possible, it's inevitable..


Develop a personalised action plan so that 2022 will be your best year yet!

This workshop is for if you:

☑️   Want less burnout and more ease and joy

☑️  Are done with Sunday dread - after all, what's the point of having your own business if you start the week with a pit in your stomach

☑️   Would like to remove clients who are no longer aligned and instead, work with clients who value you and your work 

☑️  Are no longer available for undervaluing and second guessing yourself

☑️  Are ready to take charge of the growth and direction of your business

☑️  Want to zero in on your sweet spot, create greater impact for your clients and be KNOWN for the exact problem(s) you solve

☑️  Are after greater focus, clarity and confidence to step into this next stage of your business

☑️  Stress and snappy to ease

☑️  Control Calendar 

What if I told you...

You don't need to work around the clock to be profitable.

Flesh out objections here.

Not about trying to hack your productivity

You chose your business for xxxxx and how is that working out for you?  - chained to the laptop, and this isn't the work from home lifestyle

That work from home lifestyle you started your business for, is right at your fingertips